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Attention Webmasters:

Please do not link directly to the Clone Wars Cartoon commercial video clips and screenshots. Please download the files and upload them to your own server, as I cannot support the load for everyone. The file names will be changing on a regular basis. If you do not have the webspace or bandwidth for the files, please link to this page, and give credit where credit is due.

Other visitors:

Enjoy the links below!

All videos are encoded in DivX format. Please visit their website if you do not have the DivX codec.
First Commercial (missing beginning portion, 10 seconds, 1.47 mb)
Second Commercial (complete commercial, 30 seconds, 3.0 mb)
Third Commercial (complete commercial, 30 seconds, 2.55 mb)
Fourth Commercial (complete commercial, 15 seconds, 1.58 mb) - Thanks to outcastja for original capture
Fifth Commercial (complete commercial, 60 seconds, 4.55 mb)

Volume 1 DVD Commercial (complete commercial, 15 seconds, 1.62 mb)

Screen captures:
First Commercial:
Anakin with clonetroopers behind him
Jedi Council
Troopers firing
Padmé and Anakin kiss
C-3PO gets kidnapped
Trooper lowering his helmet
Volume II logo

Second Commercial:
Qui-Gon and young Anakin from behind
Qui-Gon and young Anakin head shot
Grievous wielding lightsabers
Grievous attacking troopers
Troopers firing
Jedi Council
Alien crowd
Anakin in the shadows
Anakin's eyes
Anakin and Obi-Wan
Knighting of Anakin
Wookiee warrior
Mace waving lightsaber while on speeder
Anakin snatching Padme
Anakin with a lightsaber to Padme's throat
Explosion near super battle droid
More explosions during ground battle
Anakin slicing down with his lightsaber

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