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Yoda Stories Product Spotlight (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)


It’s Time for a Star Wars Adventure Break!

Grab your lightsaber, young Jedi, and get ready for terrific Star Wars adventuring in Yoda Stories, the newest in a series of easy-to-play Desktop Adventures from LucasArts. Join Luke Skywalker as he trains to become a Jedi Knight with Yoda, then harness the Force and cross the galaxy to meet exotic aliens, collect strange devices and weapons and deal the Galactic Empire one crippling blow after another -- all within an hour! Yoda Stories makes adventure gaming fun and easy. Its innovative world-generator technology means you’ll never play the same game twice. And with each game averaging under an hour, there’s always time for a Star Wars Adventure break! [Yoda Stories Game Box]





click on screens for enhanced version


On distant planet Dagobah the ancient Jedi Master, Yoda, has taken a new student under his wing. To join the elite, Luke Skywalker must endure the most rigorous training. Tests of the mind, tests of the body, and tests of the heart must all be passed before he can truly call himself a Jedi.

Download yodademo.exe
3.2 MB self-extracting archive

DEMO NOTE: In the actual game, Luke's adventures take place in three distinct types of terrain, and there are many endings, but in this demo there's only one -- the destruction of an Imperial arms factory on ice-bound planet Neshtab.


Windows 95 CD-ROM; 486/66; 8MB RAM

[Kids to Adults]FEATURES

  • Easy-to-load, easy-to-play challenge for all ages and skill levels
  • Typical game averages under an hour
  • Yoda sends you off on one of 15 possible quests
  • Infinitely replayable: Innovative world-generator technology means a different game every time (good-bye Solitaire!)


The Yoda Stories CD includes Making Magic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. This multimedia journey reveals the incredible enhancements and new action to be found in the theatrical return of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. [Making Magic]


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