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Yoda Stories codes and hints (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Yoda Stories codes and hints

Note from YodaJeff: I have no idea if these codes work since I don't own the full version of Yoda Stories. I'm not sure if they will work in the demo version, but they may.
While playing, pause the game and:

Type: To get:
force The Force
object All of the objects needed for that world
junk Lots of junk
sabre Powerful Lightsaber
blasters All guns
locator The terrain locator

Save game before you finish one story, than keep load game and finish it again, you will get the good stuff faster such as: a better lightsaber, the FORCE, Spirit Heart.

In the Windows directory, there's a YODESK.INI file. Edit this file with the notepad. After that, you can modify the following line... "Count=" - The number of victory. "Hscore=" - The best score. "LScore=" - The latest score. "LCount=" - The number of party you loose. So, you have to change the number who is behind the "=" of each of these lines. The most interesting part is when you put over 25 point in victory, you get a powerful light saber, a pure heart and the Force at the beginning of a new adventure...

New and Improved Light Saber:
When you have a blaster or blaster rifle, select it and run it out of ammo. The game will then select a different light saber that does almost twice the damage of your original one!

Thermal Detonators:
When you land on a desert planet, go in to the building beside the cantina and walk up to the boxes. You'll find a thermal detonator in each of them.

Unlimited Mushrooms:
When you are on a mission to the forest planet, go into the bar and you will see tables on either side of the door. Walk up to one and get a mushroom. You can take as many mushrooms as you want!

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