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Image Listing

001001.jpg More of YodaJeff's Yoda collection (as of April 1999)
001002.jpg Into YodaJeff's room (as of April 1999)
001003.jpg Top of a 12 pack Pepsi box from the Special Edition
001004.jpg 3 different Yoda shirts
001005.jpg Picture from Newsweek Magazine previewing Summer 1999 movies
001006.jpg Part of a flyer for different Yoda and Star Wars stamps
001007.jpg Package for 6 Widevision Star Wars cards
001008.jpg Yoda in Japanese (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001009.jpg Honorary Jedi Knight certificate (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001010.jpg Yoda's signature from the Jedi Knight Certificate (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001011.jpg A "Yoda goes public" button (from the Star Wars Scrapbook)
001012.jpg Label from a bottle of Finland's "Jedi Lask" (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001013.jpg A Yoda Panasonic AVC card (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001014.jpg Ralph McQuarrie Yoda Christmas Card (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001015.jpg A Yoda costume as seen through the eyes of ET (from the movie ET)
001016.jpg A Yoda costume and ET in a ghost costume (from the movie ET)
001017.jpg A Yoda costume as seen through the eyes of ET (from the movie ET)
001018.jpg A Yoda costume and ET in a ghost costume (from the movie ET)
001019.jpg A close-up of a Yoda costume as seen through the eyes of ET (from the movie ET)
001020.jpg Red version of Yoda ear hat (picture from an unauthorized book)
001021.jpg More of YodaJeff's Yoda collection including a couple posters and some toys
001022.jpg More Yoda collectibles not displayed very well
001023.jpg A table full of Yoda collectibles
001024.jpg "Read, you will!" with illustration (from Random House catalog)
001025.jpg Handdrawn posterboard with Yoda in a wrestling ring reading "Yoda is EXTREME"

Click here for thumbnails of images 001001-001025.

001026.jpg Star Wars: This page saved by a Jedi Master bookmarks
001027.jpg A bunch of Yoda collectibles
001028.jpg Yoda postcard
001029.jpg Silver foil Japanese stickers (from The Star Wars Scrapbook)
001030.jpg Yoda glycercin soap in package
001031.jpg Yoda Window Art full color static cling (picture from an unauthorized book)
001032.jpg "Learn, you will!" and illustration (from Random House catalog)
001033.jpg Review of the Yoda / Dagobah transforming head playset (from Beckett Collectibles)
001034.jpg Yoda's puzzle pages (from Star Wars Kids magazine Issue #1)
001035.jpg Close-up of the Yoda (from Star Wars Kids magazine Issue #1)
001036.jpg Choose your own adventure Return of the Jedi book advertisement
001037.jpg A bunch of Yoda collectibles
001038.jpg More Yoda collectibles
001039.jpg Homemade Yoda light switch cover
001040.jpg Yoda and Oola dancing (from Liberty Meadows comic strip)
001041.jpg Yoda Galactic Glycercin Soap
001042.jpg Urza's Mine card with Yoda-like creature (from Magic: The Gathering CCG)
001043.jpg Join the Jedi Golden Book
001044.jpg Dagobah CCG expansion pack
001045.jpg Applause brand Yoda Treasure Keeper (coin purse)
001046.jpg Cracked Magazine #336 - August 1999
001047.jpg Back cover of Cracked Magazine #336 - August 1999
001048.jpg Hat with Yoda picture and word "YODA"
001049.jpg Episode I Yoda toy (part of a poster insert from Star Wars Galaxy Collector #6)
001050.jpg Electronic Gaming Monthly - May 1999 - Issue #118

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001051.jpg Game Pro Magazine - 1999 - Issue #129 - Collectors Cover 1 of 2
001052.jpg MAD Star Wars Spectacular - Summer 1999
001053.jpg Yoda from the cover of the MAD Star Wars Spectacular - Summer 1999
001054.jpg Starlog: Sci-Fi People - Movie Series #6 - Volume #1
001055.jpg Sci-Fi Teen (by Starlog) - Issue #6 - July 1999
001056.jpg Episode I Pizza Hut Yoda cup topper and Jedi Destiny toy
001057.jpg Yoda's Jedi Destiny (magic 8 ball) Episode I Pizza Hut toy
001058.jpg "Fear is the path to the Dark Side..." t-shirt front
001059.jpg Full front of the "Fear..." t-shirt
001060.jpg Full back of the "Fear..." t-shirt
001061.jpg Back logo on the "Fear..." t-shirt
001062.jpg Seek the Jedi Masters... and win $1,000 (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell game board)
001063.jpg Yoda picture from Pizza Hut advertisement
001064.jpg Side of Yoda's Jedi Destiny (magic 8 ball Pizza Hut toy) box
001065.jpg Front of Yoda's Jedi Destiny box
001066.jpg Yoda wearing a Yoda hat
001067.jpg Yoda wearing a Santa Claus hat
001068.jpg Yoda wearing a Darth Vader mask
001069.jpg Young Jedi: CCG Yoda card
001070.jpg Pizza Hut Yoda cup topper in bag
001071.jpg Pepsi "Find Yoda, Win Cash" dangler
001072.jpg Cover of Hot Dog! magazine - Issue #31
001073.jpg Jedi Council on the cover of the LA Times Calendar section
001074.jpg Yoda desk made completely out of Legos (from The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
001075.jpg Episode I Yoda hand puppet by Applause

Click here for thumbnails of images 001051-001075.

001076.jpg Front of an Episode I Yoda t-shirt
001077.jpg Cover of React magazine (newspaper insert)
001078.jpg "Read, you will!" button
001079.jpg StarWarBucks Cafe image parody of Star Wars and Starbucks Cafe
001080.jpg Yoda on a $1 bill
001081.jpg Yoda on a $2 bill
001082.jpg Episode I Yoda mask
001083.jpg Yoda and Mace Windu picture autographed by Frank Oz and Samuel L. Jackson
001084.jpg Yoda on the cover of the May 29 to June 4 TV Week from Australia
001085.jpg A Yoda presskit (introducing Yoda) from 1980
001086.jpg A Find Yoda and Win Pepsi Pennant (22 inches by 9 inches)
001087.jpg Find Yoda and Win Pepsi window clings in Spanish
001088.jpg Gold Yoda can (Mountain Dew version - logo on right side of can)
001089.jpg Gold Yoda can (Diet Pepsi version - little logo in lower right)
001090.jpg Advertisement to win an Episode I Yoda replica (from KFC in New Zealand)
001091.jpg Who Weekly magazine - June 7, 1999 - Australia
001092.jpg 7 Jours - June 1999 - France
001093.jpg Milton Bradley - Episode I puzzle shaped as Yoda's head
001094.jpg Yoda and Mace Windu t-shirt
001095.jpg Jedi Apprentice - The Rising Force (book)
001096.jpg Yoda in his Jedi Council chair with descriptions (from Episode I Scrapbook)
001097.jpg Yoda's lightsaber (from Episode I Scrapbook)
001098.jpg A Hot Wheels milktruck with Yoda decals on it
001099.jpg Yoda and Mace Windu from Park Wars trailer B (courtesy of Counting Down)
001100.jpg The first ever picture of YodaJeff!

Click here for thumbnails of images 001076-001100.

001101.jpg 8 by 10 iron on Yoda t-shirt transfer "The Way of the Force"
001102.jpg Yoda sketch by Alisa (courtesy of Counting Down)
001103.jpg Ben Cooper Yoda "Fun Poncho"
001104.jpg Japanese Yoda bottle cap
001105.jpg Brian Parnell sketch of a gold Yoda can (courtesy of Counting Down)
001106.jpg Magnetic Yoda calendar and message board made by Day Runner
001107.jpg A nice Episode I Yoda wallpaper (courtesy of Counting Down)
001108.jpg A Yoda keychain made in Japan
001109.jpg A custom made freeze-frame Yoda toy on card with freeze frame
001110.jpg A nice Jedi Council wallpaper (courtesy of Counting Down)
001111.jpg The Episode I Pepsi Yoda replica on stand
001112.jpg Episode I Yoda toy in Jedi Council chair
001113.jpg Canadian version of an Empire Strikes Back puzzle
001114.jpg A sketch of Yoda looking sad (courtesy of Counting Down)
001115.jpg Gene Coleman Star Wars sketch
001116.jpg French magizine "Cine-Live" October 1999 with Yoda and Lucas on the cover (courtesy of Counting Down)
001117.jpg Gold Pepsi One Yoda can with a blue tab
001118.jpg Gold Yoda Storm (test-markets only) can
001119.jpg "Storm" side of Gold Yoda Storm can
001120.jpg Episode I drawing with the major characters (courtesy of Counting Down)
001121.jpg Homemade clay Yoda with the Fundimensions paintable figurine
001122.jpg Picture of the Jedi Council with Yoda and Yaddle visible
001123.jpg Qui-Gon talking to the Jedi Council
001124.jpg Great looking Episode I Yoda sketch (courtesy of Counting Down)
001125.jpg July 22, 1980 Us magazine

Click here for thumbnails of images 001101-001125.

001126.jpg Picture from an upcoming movie by bkaz with Yoda destroying Boba Fett
001127.jpg A picture of Yoda from CTV
001128.jpg Deformed Asian Episode I toys (including Yoda)
001129.jpg Nice Episode I Yoda background (courtesy of Counting Down)
001130.jpg Japanese toy from "George Lucas' Super Live Adventure 1992
001131.jpg Central Florida's Groove magazine with Yoda and Darth Maul on the cover
001132.jpg A homemade Yoda incense burner
001133.jpg Jeff Caralisle drawing of the Jedi Council (courtesy of TheForce.Net)
001134.jpg Top of an Episode I book display (Anakin and Yoda)
001135.jpg Blue Yoda ears hat
001136.jpg A bronze Yoda that looks like a Power of the Force (1995) Yoda toy
001137.jpg A custom Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus) toy loose
001138.jpg The above Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus) toy carded
001139.jpg Empire Strikes Back electronic game in plastic packaging
001140.jpg Empire Strikes Back electronic game in cardboard packaging
001141.jpg A foreign Episode I Yoda coin bank
001142.jpg A homemade Yoda costume
001143.jpg Japanese ball-point pens
001144.jpg Japanese ad for the movie Willow with Yoda and George Lucas levitating
001145.jpg Illustration of Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Anakin
001146.jpg Kevin Jakubowski's "Yoda foreseeing his Failure" illustration
001147.jpg Episode I Kentucky Fried Chicken Yoda card
001148.jpg The mural formed with all the Episode I toy boxes from KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell
001149.jpg A nice Yoda background with Empire Strikes Back picture
001150.jpg A Yoda lolipop mold, with others

Click here for thumbnails of images 001126-001150.

001151.jpg A Dagobah Puffs Tissue box
001152.jpg Another view of the Puffs Tissue box
001153.jpg A picture of Yoda and George Lucas autographed by Lucas
001154.jpg A mousepad with Luke and Yoda on it
001155.jpg Summer 1983 MAD Magazine with Yoda and Jaws on the cover
001156.jpg 3 different Yoda magazines, including The Electric Company and People
001157.jpg An "Interactive Yoda" picture, don't know if it's the real thing
001158.jpg An "Interactive Yoda" picture, don't know if it's the real thing
001159.jpg An "Interactive Yoda" picture, don't know if it's the real thing
001160.jpg A fan-made picture with some of the Jedi Council members fighting Aurra Sing
001161.jpg Homemade poster for Episode II with a lightsaber-wielding Yoda
001162.gif Animated .gif of Yoda falling when Luke doesn't "concentrate"
001163.jpg Nice picture of Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin/Vader, Luke, Palpatine, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon
001164.gif Bootleg Star Wars toy package with Yoda and a Star Trek ship
001165.jpg Box for Yoda Stories for Game Boy Color
001166.jpg Star Park (Star Wars/South Park mix) Christmas picture
001167.jpg An Episode I collage
001168.gif A dancing Yoda
001169.jpg Yoda's CommTech (CommTalk) lines in foreign languages
001170.jpg Yoda package decoration by Drawing Board
001171.jpg If Yoda was in the Dukes of Hazard (shown with the General Lee)...
001172.jpg If Yoda was Elvis...
001173.jpg Prototype of the Episode I Yoda toy with Jedi Council chair
001174.jpg Jar-Jar and lifesize Yoda plush made by Applause
001175.jpg All the main Jedi from the Star Wars movies and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant

Click here for thumbnails of images 001151-001175.

001176.jpg A mutated Yoda rising out of a murky swamp?
001177.jpg Prototype flashback Yoda toy with accessories
001178.jpg Prototype flashback Yoda toy by itself
001179.jpg Yoda with a halo around his head
001180.jpg Yoda on the cover of a Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear book
001181.jpg Yoda meets Darth Maul and Aurra Sing
001182.jpg Yoda in a lightsaber battle agains Aurra Sing
001183.jpg Episode I Yoda/Jedi shirt by Liquid Blue
001184.jpg Nice sketch of the Episode I Yoda
001185.jpg "Yoda" from a French and Saunders spoof of Episode I
001186.jpg Dressed up fans waiting outside a theater, including Yoda
001187.jpg Behind the scenes Episode I picture
001188.jpg Above picture with Yoda admiring himself in a mirror
001189.jpg "Knight Master" unlicensed model kit of Yoda
001190.jpg Lego Yoda in a window
001191.jpg Target ad for the chance to win a Lego Yoda
001192.jpg Lego Yoda in his display case
001193.jpg Side view of Lego Yoda
001194.jpg Another Target ad for the Lego Yoda
001195.jpg Lego Yoda (colors look better in this one)
001196.jpg Lego Yoda front view
001197.jpg Nice little smiling Yoda from the JediCouncil.Net messageboards
001198.jpg Top part of an Episode I book display
001199.jpg Whole Episode I book display
001200.jpg MAD Magazine spoof of Jar-Jar getting his head cut off, other characters smiling

Click here for thumbnails of images 001176-001200.

001201.jpg Painting of Episode I characters in a movie poster format
001202.jpg A midget dressed up in a Yoda costume (for filming of Empire Strikes Back)
001203.jpg Cartoon with Yoda and young Obi-Wan Kenobi
001204.jpg Collage of Jedi Council members
001205.jpg Yoda on a box of Kellog's Mini-Wheats
001206.gif Animated .gif of Jar-Jar getting his head chopped off
001207.jpg Collage of Jedi and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant
001208.jpg Collage of Episode I characters
001209.jpg Yoda meets the Muppets
001210.jpg Yoda music box
001211.jpg Poster for the Doritos and Lays Special Edition advertising
001212.jpg Illustration of Yoda while lifting the X-Wing out of the swamp
001213.jpg A homemade Yoda tissue box cover
001214.jpg A Yoda pillowcase
001215.jpg Interactive Yoda Furby picture from
001216.jpg Yoda Obi Wan and Qui-Gon promotional shot
001217.jpg Yoda and Battle Droid Taiwan 2-pack
001218.jpg Painting of Episode I characters
001219.jpg Panasonic ad with Yoda on it
001220.jpg A Yoda paperweight (may be homemade)
001221.jpg Yoda and Palpatine background
001222.jpg Mark Hamill and Yoda on the cover of People magazine
001223.jpg Yoda by himself on the cover of People magazine
001224.jpg Yoda Pepsi Bottle cap from Japan
001225.jpg Pepsi Yoda replica on stand

Click here for thumbnails of images 001201-001225.

001226.jpg Pictures of the Peps Yoda replica with some measurements
001227.jpg A promo card given with purchase of LucasArts game
001228.jpg Empire Strikes Back pillowcase with Yoda and the rest of the good guys
001229.jpg Star Wars Poster Art still in package
001230.jpg Postcard announcing ILM's from Star Wars to Star Wars TV show
001231.jpg Yoda and Darth Vader background
001232.jpg Rubber Yoda head
001233.jpg Prototype head for the Action Collection Yoda toy
001234.jpg Prototype Action collection Yoda picture
001235.jpg A Yoda stencil for a pumpkin - cut out the white parts
001236.jpg Episode I promotional puzzle
001237.jpg Episode I "Read, you will!" t-shirt
001238.jpg Homemade poster for "Episode II: Reservoir Jedi"
001239.jpg Return of the Jedi tin container
001240.jpg Custom carded Santa Yoda toy
001241.jpg Back of the custom Santa Yoda toy's card
001242.jpg Zoom-in of the custom Santa Yoda toy
001243.jpg Return of the Jedi Yoda stamp
001244.jpg Back of an Episode I toy package with Yoda
001245.jpg "Milk Got, Hmmmm?"
001246.jpg French Star Wars instant lotto ticket
001247.jpg Tsundo Sanda Yoda painting
001248.jpg Custom carded Santa Yoda Claus figure
001249.jpg The statistics for the above figure
001250.jpg Back of the above figure

Click here for thumbnails of images 001226-001250.

001251.jpg An Ewok toy from the below's bag of gifts
001252.jpg The bag of gifts from the below Santa Yoda
001253.jpg Santa Yoda with above bag of gifts
001254.jpg Side view of the above Santa Yoda
001255.jpg Custom carded Freeze-frame Santa Yoda
001256.jpg Episode I background
001257.jpg Design from below Yoda shirt
001258.jpg Whole Yoda shirt with above design
001259.gif Yoda Smurf
001260.jpg Three sided Special Edition display
001261.jpg Yoda sketch
001262.jpg Episode I Yoda sketch
001263.jpg Another Yoda sketch
001264.jpg Puff's tissue box with Yoda/Luke/R2-D2
001265.jpg Yoda drawn on a cloth patch
001266.jpg Screamin' Yoda model assembled, painted, and put on a base
001267.gif Very poor Episode I Yoda and Darth Maul drawn in Paint (by Thano)
001268.jpg Bootleg Shadows of the Empire Yoda toy with others
001269.jpg Foreign mini-Episode I toys
001270.jpg Foreign big-head mini-Epiode I toys
001271.gif Superman Yoda
001272.jpg Star Wars nativity scene
001273.jpg Episode I entry form with Yoda on it
001274.jpg "YODA YOU WIN $20" bottle cap
001275.jpg Santa Yoda (lightning version)

Click here for thumbnails of images 001251-001275.

001276.jpg Drawings of mini Star Wars toys
001277.jpg Yoda background that can be tiled
001278.jpg Sketch of Jedi Council members
001279.jpg Bi-lingual Episode I Yoda toy
001280.jpg Episode I Yoda card "Int - Council Chamber - Yoda"
001281.jpg Episode I Yoda card "Int - Coruscant - Yoda"
001282.jpg Silver Yoda 7-Up light can (from the UK)
001283.jpg Yoda backpack (UK Exclusive)
001284.jpg Bootleg blue/purple Yoda keychain
001285.jpg "Yoda was vegan" t-shirt
001286.jpg Yoda on the cover of Video Watchdog magazine
001287.jpg Yoda and the young Obi-Wan from Episode I
001288.jpg Yoda sketch
001289.jpg Yoda waist pack
001290.jpg Wax Yoda
001291.jpg Episode I Yoda with "Episode I" on the card
001292.jpg Carved wooden Yoda
001293.jpg Episode I Yoda on an island
001294.jpg Yoda and Darth Vader Dixie cups
001295.jpg Yoda blanket
001296.jpg Yoda 2000 Calendar
001297.jpg A collage of Yoda scenes
001298.jpg Yoda chalk drawing
001299.jpg A Yoda hat
001300.jpg A cartoon with Yoda and a young Obi-Wan

Click here for thumbnails of images 001276-001300.

001301.jpg Interactive Yoda with Lightsaber on Dagobah
001302.jpg Interactive Yoda logo
001303.jpg Interactive Yoda from a catalog
001304.jpg Interactive Yoda with Lightsaber
001305.jpg Interactive Yoda package advertisement
001306.jpg Interactive Yoda on Dagobah
001307.jpg Interactive Yoda on Dagobah (from Toy Fair)
001308.jpg Interactive Yoda review from Tomart's Action Figure Digest
001309.jpg Interactive Yoda article
001310.jpg Interactive Yoda package advertisement
001311.gif Dancing Yoda
001312.gif Dancing Yoda
001313.gif Ian McCaig Episode I Production painting
001314.gif Ian McCaig Episode I Yoda-Yaddle concept painting
001315.gif Cover of Star Wars Insider #48
001316.gif Interactive Yoda banner ad from Yahoo!
001317.jpg Cover of Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple
001318.gif The 15 foot tall Yoda from outside FAO Schwarz in New York
001319.gif A Frank Oz as Yoda illustration
001320.gif Rotating view of the UK Green 7-Up Yoda can from Episode I
001321.gif Rotating view of the UK Silver 7-Up Yoda can from Episode I
001322.gif Star Wars nesting eggs
001323.gif Cover of "Turmoil In The Toybox" with Yoda
001324.gif A cover for the Nokia 5100 series cell phone with Yoda on it
001325.gif Illustration of Yoda and R2-D2 being lifted in the air

Click here for thumbnails of images 001301-001325.

001326.jpg Tomy Talking Yoda toy (from Japan)
001327.gif Yoda as ET
001328.jpg ET as Yoda
001329.jpg Prototype Flashback Yoda with Hair and Accessories
001330.jpg Odd Yoda statue
001331.jpg Face of Interactive Yoda
001332.jpg Face of Interactive Yoda (different view)
001333.jpg Interactive Yoda out of package
001334.jpg Large picture of Interactive Yoda in package
001335.jpg Young Jedi CCG Advertisement
001336.jpg Episode I Adventures - Jedi Emergency (book)
001337.jpg Make-Up Artist Magazine #6 with Yoda on the cover
001338.jpg Back of Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club t-shirt with Yoda and R2-D2
001339.jpg Star Wars CCG tournament winner t-shrit with Yoda card on it
001340.jpg New Zealand 7-Up 12-pack of cans and box with Yoda on it
001341.jpg Prototype Interactive Yoda head
001342.jpg Return of the Jedi Yoda backpack by Adam Joseph
001343.jpg Screamin' Yoda model kit
001344.jpg Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus) toy made from the Action Collection Yoda
001345.jpg Screen shot from Super Bombad Racer (due out in Spring 2001)
001346.jpg Yoda's lightsaber from Episode I Visual Dictionary
001347.jpg Yoda image with lightsaber added
001348.jpg Yoda illustration
001349.jpg Illustrated Yoda with lightsaber
001350.gif Yoda faceplate for a Nokia 5100 Series cellular phone

Click here for thumbnails of images 001326-001350.

001351.jpg Dagobah CCG Expansion Pack display box
001352.jpg Giant Interactive Yoda statue made for FAO headquarters in New York
001353.jpg Episode I Yoda background
001354.jpg Dagobah CCG Expansion Pack display box
001355.jpg Yoda in Luke inside Yoda's hut (from Return of the Jedi)
001356.jpg A Yoda cartoon
001357.jpg Emissaries to Malastare comic cover with Yaddle
001358.jpg Inside Emissaries to Malastare comic with Yaddle talking while holding a lightsaber
001359.jpg A Scene from LucasArts "Super Bombad Racing"
001360.jpg A Scene from LucasArts "Super Bombad Racing"
001361.jpg A Scene from LucasArts "Super Bombad Racing"
001362.jpg An 11" x 15" sketch by Tyrone Deise
001363.jpg Yoda badge with blinking eyes
001364.jpg A card from a French Magazine
001365.jpg Collectors Showcase Magazine with Yoda on the cover
001366.jpg A picture from an Empire Strikes Back comic
001367.jpg Another picture from an Empire Strikes Back comic
001368.jpg Another picture from an Empire Strikes Back comic
001369.jpg Cracked magazine #173 with Yoda sledding on the cover
001370.jpg Crazynet article with the Yoda from ParkWars
001371.jpg A 11" x 15" picture by David Johnson
001372.jpg A French glass with Luke and Yoda on it
001373.jpg A homemade ceramic Yoda
001374.jpg A Pepsi Magnet from Japan
001375.jpg John Lithgow while doing the voice of Yoda for the Radio Dramas

Click here for thumbnails of images 001351-001375.

001376.jpg An article from the New Yorker on ParkWars
001377.jpg A Yoda made out of plaster
001378.jpg Prototype Action Collection Yoda
001379.jpg Prototype Action Collection Yoda next to a finished one
001380.jpg Yoda tattoo
001381.jpg Bootleg Yoda on a AT-ST Driver Shadows of the Empire Card
001382.jpg Star Blaster magazine March 1983 with Yoda on the cover
001383.jpg Yoda on the cover of Tele (Swiss Magazine)
001384.jpg Super 8 Filmaker magazine Volume 8 Number 5 with Yoda on the cover
001385.jpg Vintage four pack of soap
001386.jpg Yoda on the cover of Entertainment Weekly
001387.jpg Gold plated card with Yoda balancing on Luke's leg
001388.jpg Gold plated card with Yoda balancing on Luke's leg
001389.jpg Gold plated card with Yoda balancing on Luke's leg
001390.jpg Illustration of the Jedi in a battle
001391.jpg A nice (larger file) Yoda background
001392.jpg French magazines with Yoda on the cover (Studio and Gwiezdne Wojny)
001393.jpg UK Yoda shirt (So, you want to be a JEDI?)
001394.jpg Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Mace Windu publicity photo
001395.jpg Yoda watch
001396.jpg A nice Episode I illustrated poster (fan-made)
001397.jpg A Star Wars nativity scene with Yoda
001398.jpg Poster for Star Wars: Episode II: Yoda kicks A** (fan-made)
001399.jpg Princess Leia Bend-Ems on Yoda packaging
001400.jpg Yoda on Dagobah from the Radio Drama Poster

Click here for thumbnails of images 001376-001400.

001401.jpg 1980 Newfoundland Herald - TV Guide
001402.jpg 3D Italian Phonecard
001403.jpg Acamas Yoda costume
001404.jpg Best Buy Special Edition promotional phonecard
001405.jpg Bobbing Head Yoda
001406.jpg Cisco Systems Team Yoda t-shirt
001407.jpg Collectible Toys #37
001408.jpg A huge ASCII Yoda
001409.jpg Cracked Magazine - Fall 1980
001410.jpg Custom freeze-frame Yoda toy
001411.jpg 800x600 Yoda background
001412.jpg 800x600 Yoda and George Lucas background
001413.jpg Empire Strikes Back wrapping paper
001414.jpg Yoda levitating himself (illustration)
001415.jpg Empire Strikes Back six-pack of toys
001416.jpg 800x600 "Your apprentice Skywalker will be..." wallpaper
001417.jpg Foreign Yoda soap in package
001418.jpg Back of foreign Yoda soap package
001419.jpg Greek Yoda 7-Up can
001420.jpg Hallmark Jedi Council ornaments (2000)
001421.jpg Homemade lifesize Yoda
001422.jpg How to draw Yoda
001423.jpg Pictures of Yoda from Star Wars Insider 50
001424.jpg 2001 Jedi Forces Calendar
001425.jpg Red "Jedi" shirt with Yoda, Obi-Wan and Luke

Click here for thumbnails of images 001401-001425.

001426.jpg Limited Edition 1980 Commerative Plate
001427.jpg Summer 1983 Mad Magazine
001428.jpg Minnetonka brand Yoda Galactic Glycerin Soap (Yoda's head)
001429.jpg 221 Piece puzzle with Luke, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Leia and Han
001430.jpg Yoda mylar balloon
001431.jpg Christopher Radko Yoda ornament
001432.jpg Episode I Yoda toothbrush
001433.jpg Old unofficial Yoda keychain
001434.jpg Yoda pencil sharpener on card
001435.jpg Yoda hand pipe
001436.jpg Vintage unreleased pull-string talking Yoda
001437.jpg Back view of the pull-string talking Yoda
001438.jpg Side view of the pull-string talking Yoda
001439.jpg Questar magazine August 1980
001440.jpg Yoda t-shirt with a raised design
001441.jpg Return of the Jedi crew t-shirt with Yoda in a straightjacket
001442.jpg Rubies Episode I Yoda mask
001443.jpg Thailand Episode I Yoda bust resin kit
001444.jpg Custom Yoda Claus (Santa Yoda) figure on card
001445.jpg Characters from the Simpsons as Star Wars characters with Abe (Grandpa) Simpson as Yoda
001446.jpg Starburst Magazine
001447.jpg Star Wars vitamin display
001448.jpg Tombola candy box
001449.jpg Tombola Yoda toy
001450.jpg Us magazine from December 23, 1980

Click here for thumbnails of images 001426-001450.

001451.jpg Us magazine from July 22, 1980
001452.jpg Empire Strikes Back vaccuform display
001453.jpg Fall 1983 Video and Arcade Games magazine
001454.jpg Episode I Yoda with "Episode I" on the card
001455.jpg Blockbuster Lifesize Yoda with foreign Yoda 7-Up box and bottles
001456.jpg The best of Starlog 2
001457.jpg Star Wars Rocks painting
001458.jpg Prototype Interactive Yoda with final product
001459.jpg Close-up of the face of the prototype Interactive Yoda
001460.jpg Bottom half of the prototype Interactive Yoda
001461.jpg Yoda and Yaddle
001462.jpg 2000 Yoda calendar
001463.jpg Choose your own Empire Strikes Back adventure
001464.jpg April 1983 Electric Company Magazine
001465.jpg Custom "Alumni Yoda University" license plate cover
001466.jpg Episode I Who's Who book
001467.jpg Empire Strikes Back read-along-record set
001468.jpg Record from the Empire Strikes Back read-along-record set
001469.jpg Empire Strikes Back poster monthly
001470.jpg Empire Strikes Back toy catalog
001471.jpg 2000 Keepsake Ornaments Yoda, SaeSee Tin, and Ki-Adi-Mundi
001472.jpg Jack and Jill Magazine
001473.jpg Empire Strikes Back Pull-Out Poster book
001474.jpg Starlog magazine #40
001475.jpg Custom vintage Spirit of Yoda figure

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001476.jpg Training of a Jedi Knight Golden Book
001477.jpg A homemade replica of Yoda's necklace
001478.jpg European Yoda backpack
001479.jpg Black and white Yoda picture
001480.jpg Yoda illustration by Nathan Hamill (Mark's son)
001481.jpg Tostitos/Pepsi Episode I Yoda display
001482.jpg Yoda model kit
001483.jpg Origami Yoda
001484.jpg Special Edition Pepsi Yoda display
001485.jpg Yoda pin with "Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."
001486.jpg Weird illustration of Yoda on Dagobah
001487.jpg A lit-up Yoda pumpkin
001488.jpg The Yoda puppet used in the movies
001489.jpg An illustration showing how to put the Pepsi Yoda replica on the stand
001490.jpg What's underneath the Pepsi Yoda replica's cloak?
001491.jpg A pole sign advertising the Pepsi Yoda Replica
001492.jpg Pepsi Yoda replica next to the life-size Illusive Concepts replica
001493.jpg Japanese Yoda ring
001494.jpg Yoda serigraph (limited edition of 100)
001495.jpg Yoda card signed by Charles Vess (the illustrator)
001496.jpg A homemade Yoda sock puppet
001497.jpg A Yoda tattoo
001498.jpg Illusive Concepts Yoda replica wearing a Weed Eater hat
001499.jpg Yoda stature by Gray Zon with a yellow lightsaber
001500.jpg The right half of Yoda's face (his left)

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