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Thumbnails of images 126 to 150

The old Yoda toy out of the package - 118x213 The new Yoda toy made to look like an Episode I toy. - 250x410 The Yoda display at 'The Magic of Myth' at the Smithsonian Institution - 133x200 A fake Episode I poster - 773x396 Some fake Episode I toys - 616x396
A fake Episode I pic of Yoda with others of his species - 490x338 A fake Episode I pic of a magical Yoda - 498x359 A Carictature of Yoda on Dagobah - 234x410 A fake Episode I pic of Yoda and Jabba in the forest - 567x432 Some early drawings of Yoda - 400x600
The Yoda pic from the 1995 Return of the Jedi video box - 599x800 2 different variations of the old Yoda toys still in the packages - 388x281 An illustration by Ralf McQuarrie of Luke and Yoda outside his hut - 556x334 An illustration by Ralf McQuarrie of Yoda training Luke - 556x334 An illustration by Ralf McQuarrie of Yoda and Luke inside his hut - 640x266
A crisp Yoda pic - 358x236 A nice pic of Yoda balanced on Lukes leg - 247x357 Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan keychains - 356x321 Yoda holding sign: 'Will train for food' - 300x450 Yoda on Luke's back - 449x299
Another Yoda watch - 215x249 Yoda sitting by his backpack - 135x178 The front, right view of Yoda's head - 343x310 A Yoda mousepad - 266x350 A small pic of the Yoda at the Smithsonian's head - 100x110


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