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Thumbnails of images 876 to 900

A prototype of the Yoda toy with hair and boiling pot - 640x480 Prototype of an Episode I Yoda toy - 387x323 Prototype of the above Episode I Yoda toy with Jedi Council chair - 583x375 The gold Yoda Pepsi can from Episode I (with Empire Strikes Back picture)(courtesy of Counting Down) - 310x530 Yoda in carbonite block homemade statue (8 inches tall, 2 inches thick) - 165x243
A 14 inch tall Applause Yoda doll - 500x878 An Empire Strikes Poster by Boris with a painting of Yoda on it - 421x568 Day 15 of someone waiting in line to see Episode I - 1100x268 A Dixie Cup special offer hat with images from Star Wars Dixie Cups on it - 640x480 A Empire Strikes Back plate with Yoda on Luke's back and other images from the movie - 432x376
An illustration of Yoda with George Lucas' head (courtesy of Counting Down) - 636x1070 The cover of the German Cinema Magazine (courtesy of Counting Down) - 828x1144 Jedi Masters never die... They just fade away illustration (courtesy of Counting Down) - 648x864 A new Yoda picture from Episode I - 180x178 Yoda pillowcase from 1980 - 289x193
A 14 inch tall plush Applause doll opened out of the package - 640x480 Return of the Jedi plastic mug with Yoda and Luke on it - 308x286 Yoda on the cover of Star Force Magazine - 332x360 Limited edition bronze Yoda statue commemorating the 10th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back - 320x606 An ad for a speeder bike with a Yoda puppet talking (in French?) - 358x500
Random House ad for Episode I childrens books 'Read, you will!' (courtesy of Counting Down) - 724x1038 A computer generated (homemade) Yoda picture from Episode I (courtesy of Counting Down) - 637x347 KFC Episode I Yoda kids meal box cutout - 841x574 Yoda stamp from the set of 9 - 240x320 An illustration of Yoda fighting Darth Maul (courtesy of Counting Down) - 729x583


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