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Thumbnails of images 951 to 975

Episode I Yoda looking off into space - 570x380 1980 Yoda postcard with some excerpts from the back - 647x527 Jedi Master Yoda (courtesy Star Wars Insider) - 340x439 A Yoda washcloth - 426x341 Topps Star Wars candy-filled heads - 403x558
Star Wars toy bootlegs made in China and sold in Brazil - 454x303 Chupa Chupps candy sticker wrappers - 414x583 Star Wars toys from Gamesa Cookie boxes - 437x323 June 20, 1983 Us Magazine - 233x308 Mini shelf display promoting the Special Edition - 236x280
Cover of a Yoda press kit - 117x200 May 23, 1983 Time Magazine - 191x246 Empire Strikes Back comic book with a purple Yoda - 410x360 Yoda picture from a spanish Episode I issue of Cinema Magazine - 432x652 Cover of the Episode I Great Big Flap Book - 392x464
The original design and outline for a Yoda watch - 320x426 Red carded Yoda toy signed by Frank Oz - 588x918 Lifesized Yoda replica with its original box - 216x146 Trilogo Yoda toy with boiling pot, etc. - 180x303 'You must unlearn what you have learned ...Yoda' t-shirt - 555x416
Weird Yoda picture from TheForce.Net - 217x193 Yoda with Mace Windu from Access Hollywood - 317x239 Obi-Wan bowing down to Yoda - 319x404 1999 Yoda bubble bath and Darth Vader body wash - 506x600 Yoda with Mace Windu - 536x222


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