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Star Wars bloopers (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Star Wars bloopers

Generic bloopers

A New Hope

After Leia gives R2-D2 the message for Obi-Wan, R2 starts to roll away. Had the shot continued, he would have rolled into the wall and off the main pathway.
When Vader is chocking the Rebel Captain on Tantive IV, the position of the gun of the leftmost stormtrooper in relation to his body changes between shots. The position of one stormtrooper's legs also changes.
The Jawas sell R5-D4 to Luke and it explodes. After Luke asks Owen if they could buy R2-D2 instead, you see a shot of R2's head with an intact R5-D4 in the background.
As Luke asks C-3PO about the message, the rag C-3PO is drying himself with disappears for a short while, then reappears and disappears again.
During Luke's last dinner with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, he takes a can into his right hand and a cup into his left hand. Then the cup switches to his right hand and the can to his left hand. Shortly afterwards, the cup reappears in Luke's left hand.
When Luke looks at the sunset, the twin suns of Tatooine are clearly in different relative positions between shots.
When Luke says that it's too late to search for R2, the color of the sky changes from blue to black, then to blue again. [FIXED IN SE]
C-3PO turns his head slightly to look at Leia's hologram message, even though 3PO is supposed to be "closed down for a while".
As Ben and Luke watch Leia's hologram message, the items on the table change.
On the wall of Ben's dwelling, there is a cloth hanging on the wall. As Ben shows Luke the lightsaber, the cloth disappears - only to reappear when Luke turns off his saber.
When Chewie first enters the cockpit of the Falcon in Mos Eisley, two small dice hang from the ceiling; Chewie even hits his head on them. However, they don't appear in subsequent shots. (Of course, Chewie might have taken the dice down at some point.)
After Han blasts the intercom in the Death Star detention area and yells to Luke, you can see a rack of security cameras - intact - behind Han in the left side of the frame. However, Han & Luke supposedly destroyed them all.
Chewie puts his left foot in the garbage chute twice as he's about to enter the trash compactor.
As Han, Leia and Chewie are waiting for Luke to emerge from the water in the trash compactor and the water settles down, two consecutive shots of Leia leaning against the garbage show her in different positions: first holding on to a pole with her left hand and leaning to her right, then holding on with both hands, leaning forward.
You can see Leia starting to get hold of a metal bar to stop the trash compactor - before the walls start moving.
When R2 and 3PO are found in the control room by the stormtroopers, the trooper standing guard stops next to the door, which is low enough for him to hit his head on (which doesn't happen here). The next shot of him shows the door more open.
Chewie puts his bow between the trash compactor walls and holds it there. When R2 stops the compactor, there's a brief shot of Chewie pushing against the wall with his hands - no bow. Then the camera cuts back to him holding the bow between the walls.
Han and Leia hug each other when the compactor has been stopped by C-3PO. However, the cut to the next shot comes too quickly as they are suddenly shown about one feet apart from each other.
When Ben shuts off the tractor beam, the panel has plain English text ("TRACTOR BEAM", "POWER" and "INOPERATIVE") - which isn't supposed to exist in the Star Wars universe. (As a side note: somehow, Arabic numbers do exist in the SW universe...)
During the lightsaber battle, Vader's chestplate is backwards as he says, "You should not have come back."
As Han and Chewie enter the corridor leading to the Death Star main docking bay where the stormtroopers are guarding the Falcon, you can see the shadows of Luke and Leia standing in the previous corridor: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are waiting to run in on cue.
Just after Ben has been killed by Vader and a blaster fight ensues, the blast doors start to close twice. The editing causes other things also to occur twice, such as certain stormtroopers getting hit by blaster fire.
In the very final scene, Leia smiles broadly to the camera with her mouth open. A close-up that immediately follows shows her with her mouth closed.

The Empire Strikes Back

On Hoth, when the Rebel officers inform Leia that the shield doors must be closed, the doors can be seen starting to close prematurely (without sound). The next shot shows the doors back open and motionless first, then they start to close again (with sound).
When Leia says to Han, "Captain, being held by you is quite enough to get me excited", it appears as if Harrison Ford is "mouthing" the line in unison with Carrie Fisher.
During the scene in which Lando is escorting Han, Leia and Chewie to the dining room where Darth Vader is waiting for them, for one shot, Han and Lando switch places around Leia.

Return of the Jedi

As Vader's shuttle arrives on the Death Star, all the Death Star troopers that confirm the code transmission of the shuttle are wearing gloves. However, the close-up of one of them pressing a button on their console clearly shows a bare hand. (Or was it vice versa? I'm not sure.)
Chewie's bandolier normally hangs from his right shoulder to his left hip. However, when Han yells to C-3PO and Jabba from the skiff, the bandolier is hanging the other way.
Right after Jabba says "Put him in", there is a quick shot where Lando is in the background on the wrong side of Luke - he should be on his right, not his left side (next to Han).
As Luke slices Boba Fett's gun in two with his lightsaber, the gun starts to explode one frame before Luke actually hits it.
When Han accidentally hits Boba Fett's jetpack with the spear and causes Fett to fly across the Sarlacc pit, Luke can be seen kicking one of Jabba's thugs in the face. But if you look, you'll see that Luke actually misses the thug by a mile. This is probably due to bad camera angle selection.
During the fight, the other skiff is hit by a laser, causing Han to lose his balance and almost fall into the pit. He manages to grab onto the railing with his hand, but the next shot and all subsequent ones show him hanging by his feet.
After the first skiff has been hit, Lando tries to grab the spear Han is holding. When the Sarlacc tries to pull Lando in the pit with its tentacles, Lando is holding onto the spear with his left hand, then his right hand, then not at all etc.
Close-up shots of Lando trying to keep from falling into the Sarlacc pit show him without his gloves that he wears elsewhere in the scene.
The skiff magically changes its position as Chewie pulls Han and Lando up.
When Luke is on the deck of the barge, he is hit in his mechanical right hand by a laser bolt. However, the hand is already damaged before he is hit. It also appears completely undamaged twice after that - first, when he's running towards Leia, who's at the gun; second, when they swing on the rope to the skiff.
As Luke and Leia swing to safety from Jabba's barge, the position of Leia's arms around Luke changes notably for one shot.
When Luke and Leia swing (as in the previous blooper), the rope that they're hanging on to comes from nowhere, disappears a moment later and is seemingly hanging from an impossible point: in mid-air between the skiff and the barge.
At the end of the Emperor's conversation with Vader in the Death Star's main docking bay, they walk past lines of officers wearing uniforms of various colors. Then a wide shot shows them next to stormtroopers in their usual white armor.
When Yoda dies, his costume disappears with him. But in ANH, when Ben was killed, his cloak was left behind. At the beginning of the Rebel briefing, the first shot of the Death Star/Endor hologram has the Death Star orbiting in the wrong direction.
The location of the stolen Imperial shuttle relative to the Super Star Destroyer changes inconsistently when the Rebel assault team arrives at Endor: some shots show the shuttle advancing past the bridge of the SSD, then reappearing next to it.
Before the speeder bike chase, a scout trooper hits Han in the face and you can see his head flying backwards from the force of the hit a few moments too early.
During the speeder bike chase, Leia chases one of the stormtroopers, then rises out of sight. Before she returns, attacking the trooper from behind, you can see the forest through the trooper's eyes - at the end of the shot, the speeder is coming out of the forest into a clearing. When we cut to a wide shot, they're in the middle of the forest again.
When Leia meets Wicket, she takes her helmet off twice. Also, after she escapes the Imperial attack with Wicket, she leaves the helmet in the forest, but still wears it during the Rebel raid on the shield generator.
Before Luke jumps off his speeder just before it is about to crash, for a few brief shots, the glove covering his robot hand is on the left hand instead of the right.
Just when the battle on Endor has commenced, the bunker doors close and Han and Leia run for cover in front of them. In the first frames of the shot, Leia shoots on her blaster but there is no laser bolt to be seen and no sound to be heard.
Near the beginning of Luke and Vader's battle, where Luke kicks Vader down the stairs, Vader's cape is draped behind his left shoulder. However, the very next shot shows the cape back over his shoulder and not behind it.
After the Imperials are fooled out of the control bunker and surrounded by Ewoks and Rebels, Han runs between them and the bunker door, quickly glancing to his right. Then we see a close-up, where Han is suddenly looking forward at the Imperials.
The penultimate shot of Vader watching the Emperor torture Luke shows his helmet scratched and smeared with fingerprints. In the last shot, when he attacks the Emperor, the helmet is very clean and shiny.
When Luke lowers his head after Anakin has died, the Vader mouthpiece that Anakin still wore a moment ago is gone.

Bloopers caused by the film being backwards

There are some shots in the movies that have the film backwards, creating a mirror image. The film has probably been reversed during the editing, perhaps by accident, perhaps for stylistic reasons (for example, to have someone walk from left to right instead of the way it it was originally shot - for purposes of shot composition etc) NOTE: If someone's, say, gun belt, changes sides, the film may or may not be reversed - perhaps the scene was just shot with the actor wearing the belt the wrong way. If this is the case, the blooper goes in the "Generic bloopers" section. (You can usually determine this by following background objects and noting if they're reversed.)

A New Hope reversed shots

In the scene where C-3PO walks past the huge skeleton on Tatooine, the grease stain that should be on the right side of his chest is on the left side.
After Leia says "We have no time for sorrows, Commander", a shot of R2 is reversed.
Three shots are reversed during the final Death Star battle (you can tell it from the microphones the pilots are wearing - they should normally be on their left):
Red Leader's mike is on his right side during his line, "All wings, report in"
Luke's mike is on his right side as Red Leader says, "Watch it, there's a lot of fire coming from the right side of that deflections tower"
Just before Red Leader is killed ("I just lost my starboard engine!") his mike is on the wrong side.
As it is announced on the Rebel base intercom, "The Death Star has cleared the planet", Leia and 3PO seem have switched places and the dent on 3PO's forehead is on the wrong side.

The Empire Strikes Back reversed shots

Admiral Piett's rank insignia is on his left side throughout the movie, but when he tells Vader that they've disabled the hyperdrive on the Falcon, it's on the right side. (In fact, the whole scene is reversed.)

Return of the Jedi reversed shots

When Jabba is watching Luke's hologram message, during one shot, the film is actually running backwards: the smoke from Jabba's pipe and the bubbles in his bong are moving downwards.
After Leia/Boushh has threatened Jabba's court with the thermal detonator and Boba Fett nods to her, there is a short shot of Fett with the antenna in Boba's costume on the wrong side.
When Han and Lando have their last conversation before Han boards the stolen Imperial shuttle, the frame is mirrored during Lando's lines "Would you get going, you pirate" and "You too".

Special effects not matching live-action

There are three instances where reality and special effects do not correspond:
The computer graphic of the Death Star during General Dodonna's briefing in ANH does not match the actual battle station: the laser dish is centered along the equator, instead of being in the northern hemisphere of the Death Star where it belongs.
Model and full-size outside shots of the Millennium Falcon show the cockpit window divided by three small beams. Shots from inside the cockpit have only two. This was fixed in TESB and ROTJ where there are always three beams.
Model shots of the TIE fighters in ANH show the window divided differently from the inside, real-size shots. There are no TIE pilot point of view shots in TESB. The only one in ROTJ does have the blooper.

Other special effects bloopers

These are serious bloopers such as disappearing ships or severe matteing errors. "Effect X in scene Y in movie Z looked bad" isn't enough. Note: The blooper must have to do ONLY with special visual effects - mismatched visual effects and live-action belong either to the "Generic bloopers" (e.g. "Boba Fett's gun explodes a frame before Luke hits it with his lightsaber") or "Special effects not matching live-action" sections. Note: In all movies, R2-D2 is black and white instead of the regular blue and white when close-ups of him are shown in space inside Luke's X-Wing. This is due to the blue-screen effect used (everything that is blue is optically replaced by a starfield) you would "see through" any blue areas in R2's body. The same goes for Admiral Piett's blue insignia in some scenes on the Star Destroyer bridge.

A New Hope

When the space scenes were originally filmed, the ship models were suspended on pylons so that the motion control camera could fly around them and create an illusion of movement. Sometimes, you can see artifacts of these pylons under the ships against the blackness of space. Good scenes for spotting them include the Falcon's arrival in the Death Star docking bay and the TIE battle after the Falcon escapes the Death Star. (Like the garbage matte boxes, this is not technically a blooper, but I think it's worth mentioning.)

The Empire Strikes Back

You can see through the X-Wings that escort the first Rebel transport from Hoth. (Also happens to a lesser extent during the snowspeeder battle.)
When the second walker falls down after Luke destroys it, one of the other walkers can be seen in the background - but it isn't walking, it just turns its head slightly.
When one of the Star Destroyers blows up asteroids in the asteroid field, the first one starts to explode one frame before the laser actually hits it.

Return of the Jedi

When the Emperor arrives on the Death Star, scores of TIE fighters fly past the camera. Three of them disappear just before the shot changes.

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