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Misc. Yoda information and facts (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Misc. Yoda information and facts

Here is a Yoda haiku I found:

Found someone you have
Yoda states very clearly
He will help Luke out

"He's the Dick Clark of the universe. He's ageless!" -- Samuel L. Jackson (who ironically acts with Yoda in Episode I) discussing Yoda on Late Night with David Letterman

¿?¿Did you know?¿?
George Lucas, wanting Yoda to have an old and wise look, had his face modeled to look a little like Albert Einstein.

From Star Wars Insider 38
Top 20 Star Wars Characters
7. Yoda
Species: Unknown
Affiliation: Alliance
Memorable Line: "Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!"
Fashion Statement: Been wearing the same dirty smoch for 750 years.
What fans said: " good advice." "Even though he's small and short he's stronger than 30 wookies put together." "...because he's wise, and he's funny when he beats Artoo with a stick." "I had a hard time deciding between Luke and Yoda. But I seem to like Yoda. No offense Luke." "He's so adorable and little. His voice is cool too. How can people not love him?"

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