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Yoda by Liquid Plumber (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Yoda by Liquid Plumber

by Mikey P. of Liquid Plumber (with many thanks to the Jedi Master, George Lucas). Visit their site to download the song or order the CD.

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... the Jedi Master.

Lived in the Dagobah System, lived in a tiny hut in the swamp.

Luke came to find the Master, but didn't know what he looked like.

Luke met a little, green, old creature, who didn't like granola bars.

Luke thought the little guy was annoying, turned out he was the Jedi Master!

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... the Jedi Master.

So Luke began his Jedi training, he exercised a lot.

Carrying Yoda around on his back, and lifting stones with his mind.

He tried to lift his X-Wing Craft from it's current place in the mud.

Luke thought that he couldn't do it, and that pissed Yoda off!

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... the Jedi Master.

So Luke said "Yoda, I can't do this. I just can't. It's impossible. It's just too big," and Yoda said "Luke, it's not the size of that thing that's important. You must unlearn what you've learned," but Luke said "no, I'm sorry, I just can't do it, it's impossible." So Yoda did it himself. He lifted that X-Wing craft from the mud; set safely on the ground. Luke said "Yoda! That's impossible! I don't believe that! That's impossible!" Yoda said "What? You don't believe that? You don't believe that? You don't believe that?

Well, that's why you fail."

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... the Jedi Master.

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... doesn't like soda.

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... I like Yoda.

Yoda. Yoda. Yoda... the Jedi Master.


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