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Come Back parody song (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Come Back parody song

Parody by Micah Levine (

his love for his friends made him leave with ease i listen to his thoughts if only he could see he thinks about vader, burning with rage and desire he will fall into darkness, and call the emperor sire

he must come back, he must come back some day

ìhe tries for meî, he lies to me, makes promises he cannot keep the republic will fall the empire rise, rise up from the deep he should prove he his a jedi but heíd rather elope did i push him too hard? that boy was our only hope

he must come back, he must come back some day

i have shown him the warnings, the perils of the dark side he obviously ignored me, you saw at least I tried all of the temptation, it turned his faith to lies until he couldnít see the danger in the perilous dark side

he must come back, he must come back some day he must come back, he must come back one day he will come back, he will come back one day

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