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Teacher parody song (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Teacher parody song

Well, the stew was cooking,

Heard R2 ringing his bell.

He said "My name is Yoda,

that is what I call myself.

And I have a lesson,

about the Force and you.

It's an old expression

but you must remain true.

Stand up on your head,

levitate some rocks,

Strap Yoda to your back, then run around.

Don't give into hate, the dark side it is,

Walk into the cave, chop off your own head."

So I learned the Force,

my X-Wing sunk into the swamp,

With the Force my teacher,

raised it up out of the gunk.

So I saw my friends in a vision,

It was the future that I envisioned

I had to go to the city in the sky,

but the teacher said, I should let them die.

Then the Yoda told me

not to give into hate,

I said I'd be back someday,

'cause I must fulfill my fate.

Hey Yoda, why'd you lie, Vader's my dad?

Green-skinned, big ears, lying there in bed.

I tried to kill him, but he chopped off my hand,

why'd Ben lie to me, the old guy makes me mad...

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