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Review of the Episode I toy

Posted: August 23, 1999
Category: Collectibles

This review is written by me, YodaJeff, and it is my opinion about the toy
The Episode I Yoda toy is better than some of the previous models. The legs are still molded together, so the figure looks kinda funny while standing up. The arms have been greatly improved with better articulation, I like the new joints. His head is sculpted well, and it also can move back and forth. Instead of his usual cane, this Yoda toy comes with a Jedi Council chair for him to sit in. The chair doesn't seem to have enough depth, but looks decent from the front. The chair also is hollow, so it can bend, break, or crack easier. Yoda looks great sitting in his chair, the feet and underneath is sculpted better, but his feet have two big holes staring at you. The CommTech chip lines chosen were good, but they sound terrible when played through the CommTech reader. The waist (feet) joint looks better than other recent toys. The details on the face are great, as are the details everywhere else. He also has a hood on the back that looks like it's a seperate piece, but it can't be moved or removed.
Another point: The Episode I Yoda toy doesn't have "Episode I" on the front of the package. Don't pay scalpers extra for the normal toy. Also, "Patent Pending" is missing from the bottom of the back of the card.
CORRECTION: Since this news was first posted, Hasbro has rereleased the Episode I Yoda toy with "Episode I" correctly displayed on the front of the package.

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