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Blockbuster Yoda

Posted: May 15, 2000
Category: Collectibles

Within the past week, I think I've received more than 20 e-mails asking me "How much is the Blockbuster Yoda worth?" I don't know an exact amount, but here is what I know. First, the Yodas were made by TicTocToys and were sold to Pepsi for $200 each. These were given away over the summer as a promotion. The Blockbuster Yodas are the exact same Yoda, except a few minor changes were made (different nameplate, etc.). The actual amount you could get for one really varies with who you're selling it to and how bad he or she wants it. I've seen some things sell for outrageous prices, but it doesn't mean that it is worth that much. I've seen people trying to sell one say "Only 500 made" but that is just a lie. Every Blockbuster store (in the US) received one. Also, at least 500 were given away over the summer. As for where to find one, I don't know. Check around online, and see if you can find someone selling one. Or if you can find out who won in your area, then call them up and ask if they'd be willing to sell it. If you are interested in selling one, I still don't have one in my collection, so let me know the price you're willing to sell it for, and I'll let you know if I'm interested.

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