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Star Wars Tales #6 Review

Posted: January 13, 2001
Category: Collectibles

While shopping around yesterday, I found Star Wars Tales #6 (with the Yoda cover) at a local Waldenbooks store. The Hidden is a short story (8 pages long) featuring an Imperial Probe Droid landing on Dagobah. The first 5 pages show the probe droid landing on Dagobah, without any words except an occasional noise out of the droid. The next page and a half has Yoda disposing of the probe droid, and the last page and a half shows Imperial commanders discussing the disappearance of the probe droid. I expected a longer story with more words from Yoda (all he says is "Heh. Hmmph! Hee hee hee! Ahem...", which barely is considered dialogue. The beginning of the comic has a one-page comic with editor Dave Land talking to Lucas Licensing continuity editor Allan Kausch. Land says "So in the Yoda story, "The Hidden", even though we show Yoda's lightsaber as being purple, that might not be it's official color?". To this Kausch responds, "Exactly. It's not official."

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