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More Attack of the Clones Yoda news

Posted: November 1, 2001
Category: Attack of the Clones

All this news comes from a very reliable source. Some of these could be considered spoilers, so highlight to read everything
- The Episode II Yoda will look "a heck of a lot more like the Yoda we all know" from Empire Strikes Back.
- (Highlight for spoilers)Anakin, Obi Wan and Padme are sentenced to death by Dooku. They are taken to a gigantic arena and chained to large concrete poles. 4 massive creatures are released. Just as the creatures are about to charge, MACE WINDU appears in Dooku’s spectator box holding a saber at Jango [Fett]’s neck (Jango by the way, is one of Dooku’s henchmen). He orders Obi Wan and co. released as over 200 JEDI appear around the arena, sabers ignited. A MASSIVE battle ensues between 200 jedi and thousands of Geonosians, Droidekas, Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. The battle rages and the Jedi get their asses kicked down from 200 to 20. The remaining Jedi including Obi, Anakin, Padme and Mace are completely surrounded when suddenly a fleet of heavily armed Jedi fighters and Republic cruisers (which look a ... lot like Star Destroyers) decend upon the battle. And rescue the remaining Jedi. There’s a LOT of new veichles here, Jedi Starfighters, Landing Craft, and many new land assault vehicles, one of which is clearly an early model AT-AT!!
The Drop ships land and unload their army of CLONE TROOPERS into the fray. Yoda emerges from one of the ships and tells the survivors to get aboard.
(end spoiler)
- (Highlight for spoilers)"Just as it looks as if Dooku is about to deliver the final blow" to Anakin, "YODA appears and FIGHTS Dooku to a standstill. During the battle, Yoda senses that Dooku is not meerely a rogue Jedi but a full fledged Sith. Dooku realizes he is outmatched and escapes in his ship." (end spoiler)
- (Highlight for spoilers)"Yoda, Mace and the Jedi now discuss how they are going to deal with the new Sith threat."(end spoiler)



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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