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Yoda lines in Episode 2 Novel

Posted: May 8, 2002
Category: Attack of the Clones

Here is a complete list of Yoda lines from the Attack of the Clones novelization. Thanks to Rich of for compiling the list. Be warned, there may be some SPOILERS in the text below.

And this way or that, much mending must you do.
Unseen is much that is here.
Worse than war, I fear.
Impossible to see, the future is. The dark side clouds everything. But this I am sure of.
Do their duty, the Jedi will.
With you, the Force is strong, young senator. Your tragedy on the landing platform, terrible. To see you alive brings warm feelings to my heart.
In dark times, nothing is what it appears to be. But the fact remains, Senator, in grave danger you are.
Too little about yourself you worry, Senator, and too much about politics. Be mindful of your danger, Padme. Accept our help.
Deny Dookuís involvement in the separatist movement, we cannot.
Not named. But darkness there is, nothing is what it seems.
More is here than we can know. Clouded is the Force. Troubling, it is.
Masking the future is this disturbance in the force.
And only those who have turned to the dark side can sense the possibilities of the future. Only by probing the dark side, can we see.
Out there, they are. A certainty that is.
Only if he chooses to follow his destiny.
Only by probing the dark side can we see. (fading repeat).
Track down this bounty hunter, you must.
Handle that, your Padawan will.
Until caught this killer is, our judgement she must respect.
The Council is confident in this decision, Obi-Wan.
Yes, Yes, Itís a flaw more and more common among Jedi. Too sure of themselves, they are. Even the older, more experienced Jedi.
Attend to your own duties, you must.
When solved is this mystery of the assassin, more riddles might be answered.
Donít think, feel. Be as one with the Force.
Help you, it will.
Younglings, enough. A visitor we have. Welcome him.
What help to you, can I be?
An interesting puzzle. Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan embarrassing. An interesting puzzle. Gather younglings, around the map reader. Clear your minds and find Obi-Wanís wayward planet, we will try.
Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. Uncluttered. The data must have been erased.
To the center of the pull of gravity go, and find your planet you will.
Dangerous and disturbing, this puzzle is. Only a Jedi could have erased those files. But who and why, harder to answer. Meditate on this, I will. May the Force be with you.
Ah, good it is that your planet you have found.
Do not assume anything, Obi-Wan. Clear, your mind must be if you are to discover the real villain behind this plot.
Into custody, take this Jango Fett. Bring him here. Question him, we will.
When placed, this order was, may provide insight.
Blind we are, if the development of this clone army we could not see.
Only the dark lords of the Sith know of our weakness. If informed the Senate is, multiply our adversaries will.
Pain, suffering, death! I fear something terrible has happened. Young Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain.
Throughout the galaxy, thousands of Jedi there are. To send on a special mission, only two hundred are available.
Through negotiation the Jedi maintain peace. To start a war, we do not intend.
More battalions to the left. Encircle them, we must, then divide.
Capture Dooku, we must. If escape he does, he will rally more systems to his cause.
To the forward command center, take me.
Very good, very good. Concentrate all your fire on the nearest starship.
Troubling, it is. Two paths were there open, and this one alone offered the return of so many Jedi.
Count Dooku.
Powerful you have become Dooku. The dark side I sense in you.
Much to learn, you still have.
Fought well, you have, my old Padawan.
A dark day, it is.
Become unreliable, Dooku has. Joined the dark side. Lies, deceit, creating mistrust are his ways now.
Victory? Victory, you say??
Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, this Clone War has.

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