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Star Wars Celebration 2 - Recap

Posted: May 8, 2002
Category: Miscellaneous

Here's what I learned at Celebration 2:
1. Yoda will rule in Attack of the Clones (as seen in the Spider-Man trailer).
2. The picture quality of a digital projection is near perfect. Going from film to digital is similar to going from vinyl to CD.
3. Most Star Wars fans are great people.

I had three fun-filled and exciting days in Indianapolis. Rick McCallum treated the fans to (what was my first experience with) digitally projected scenes from Attack of the Clones. We saw the footage shown at the Showest convention (which includes Yoda (hightlight for spoilers) receiving Force lightning and shooting it back out (end spoiler), which looked amazing). I can guarantee that you will be impressed with the digital Yoda in Attack of the Clones. McCallum also showed the Clone War trailer digitally, which was nice to be able to compare the quality to the film version. The clip that got everybody cheering was the Spider-Man parody trailer.

At the LEGO booth all weekend, they were working on making a 10 foot tall LEGO Yoda. The finished product was amazing.

Also, in one of the question and answer forums, Rick McCallum stated that in Episode III, (highlight for possible spoiler) Yoda's species would be addressed (end of spoiler). He didn't elaborate on how or why.

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