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Yoda in "Spider-Man" trailer

Posted: May 8, 2002
Category: Attack of the Clones

Spider-Man commercial
Wow. That's about all I could say after seeing the "Spider-Man" parody commercial at Star Wars Celebration 2. It started out like other Spider-Man commercials and trailers. "THIS MAY... GO FOR THE ULTIMATE SPIN... WITH THIS SUMMER'S... BIGGEST ACTION HERO" (as seen in the banner above). Then, fade to black. After a couple of seconds, it fades in to show everyone's favorite little green man, Yoda. Here is where the crowd started cheering. Note, the banner above is only accurate up to the end of the text. After that, I just inserted random Episode 2 Yoda pictures, not scenes shown in the commercial. This is where it started to go into spoilers, so be warned, and highlight to read the rest. (highlight for spoilers) At this point, Yoda pulls back his robe with his left hand, and force-attracts his lightsaber into his right hand. He ignites it. Cut to Yoda with lightsaber ignited, jumping into the air. We see Count Dooku flip in mid-air, and lands to meet Yoda, both with lightsabers blazing. Then, we see Yoda on a gunship with Clone Troopers, descending into the arena. Next, Yoda does a little battle pose. Then, Yoda duels with Dooku for another second or so. We see Yoda Force-push something, and then it cuts to something exploding outside of a gunship. Then, Dooku dispenses some Force-lightning, and Yoda takes it in, and re-directs it to make something explode near the wall. (end of spoilers) Cut to the "Attack of the Clones" logo. Then we see Yoda (more spoilers) swing down with his lightsaber, and see it briefly clash with Dooku's red saber. (end of spoilers). Then, it shows "May 16th". For the next minute or so, all you can hear is the crowd cheering.



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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