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What the reviewers are saying

Posted: May 14, 2002
Category: Attack of the Clones

Spoiler note: If you are unfamiliar with what happens in Attack of the Clones regarding Yoda, click the back button on your browser, and come back after you see the movie.

Even those who gave Attack of the Clones a negative review had something good to say about Yoda. Enjoy this small selection of qutoes from actual reviews.

"If you were to sum up the movie in a word or name, it is YODA."

"But I could boil this movie down to four letters: Y-O-D-A. He is what is going to bring the house down at the 12:01 A.M. showing. What you are going to see will make you squeal uncontrollably with delight and leave your mouth gaping wide open. Believe me, you cannot overestimate how awesome he is. Don't drink anything ahead of time because you are going to pee in your pants. He is what you are going to pay to see over and over again."
Andrew Adams (posted on

"The new animation allows Lucas the opportunity to unleash the master on the enemies of the republic, which leads to the movie's most memorable scene: a Jedi clash between Yoda and his former student turned evildoer, Count Dooku (Christopher Lee)."

"The action is freer; the characters are fuller, and some familiar faces, if you want to call them faces, are back -- including C3PO, R2D2 and Yoda, the unquestioned star of the film, whose 20 or so minutes of screen time may or may not save the universe, but can't quite save the movie."

"And Yoda has a surprise up his sleeve that will drive the faithful wild."

"But except for a climactic appearance by the venerable Yoda, whose computer-generated lightsaber skills got him on the cover of Time under a "Yoda Strikes Back!" headline, creating emotion is beyond this film's powers."
LA Times

"and Yoda gets a kick-*** scene"
Natalie Portman

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