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New Yoda Collectibles Released

Posted: December 23, 2003
Category: Collectibles

Since the last update, various Yoda collectibles have been released.
In addition to the regular Attack of the Clones version of Yoda's lightsaber made by Hasbro, there are now a few variants. The first is in similar packaging, except the package is meant to be displayed with the lightsaber vertical, instead of horizontal. The other two variants have the lightsabers in Clone Wars packaging, in both the horizontal and vertical configurations.
Other Yoda figures are showing up in stores, including an Attack of the Clones Yoda figure that comes with Chian, a Jedi Youngling. The Clone Wars Yoda figure also has been released, in both single-packs and a Wal-Mart exclusive double pack.
A new "Holiday Edition" Santa Yoda figure has been released. It was initially available to members of the Official Fan Club, and was then released to members of Hyperspace at
The Yoda "Unleashed" figure has been arriving in stores. The figure displays everyone's favorite little green Jedi in full attack mode, with his lightsaber blazing.
Finally, LEGO released a new Dagobah X-Wing set, which comes with a LEGO version of Yoda and Yoda's hut.

Slated for future release are a Clone Wars cartoon Yoda figure, which should be available sometime in 2004. There also are reports of a "Hall of Fame" line of figures, which Yoda will be included in.

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