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2006 Yoda Holiday Decorations found

Posted: September 27, 2006 - 1:21 PM (EST)
Category: Collectibles

After their numerous Holiday Yoda items from last year, Kurt S. Adler is back with a handful of new Yoda collectibles for the 2006 Holiday season.

The first image in this article shows all of the items found at Target stores this past week, including:

New for 2006:
- Yoda Holiday Ornament with arm extended ($3.99)
- 5 Piece Mini-Holiday Ornament Set ($5.99)
- 2 Piece Holiday Ornament Set (Yoda and Return of the Jedi poster) ($5.99) - Electronic Yoda Christmas stocking with molded head (Sound effects include: "Do or do not. There is no try.", "Judge me by my size, do you?", and "Use the Force.") ($14.99)

Re-packaged and re-released 2005 items:
- Yoda Hand-crafted Fabriché ($14.99)
- Yoda Musical Holiday Waterball ($14.99)

The second image in this article shows similar items from last year, including the re-released hand-crafted Fabriché (which did not come with a display box in 2005) and the Musical Waterball in the 2005 packaging. Also included in that image are a Yoda ornament with both of his hands on his gimer stick, an ornament 2-pack with a larger Yoda head and an Attack of the Clones poster, and a plush head stocking.