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Defective Eyes

Interactive Yoda (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)
Welcome to YodaJeff's Interactive Yoda Page.
Click on the links to the left to look around.
FYI - Yoda's lightsaber is NOT supposed to light up. The batteries are needed for the different noises it makes and for the lightsaber to send infra-red signals back to Yoda to let him know the position of the lightsaber.
Page Updates:

June 2002:
Tiger Toys is no longer replacing the defective Yodas. I have received a few e-mails with suggestions on how to fix it, so I'll let everyone know once I hear how everything turns out.

February 1, 2001:
I just received this e-mail today. It is regarding the Yodas with the bad eyes:
A couple weeks ago you gave me the address of the place in Illinois where I sent my bad-eye Yoda. I just wanted you to know that I got him back today!! (a new one with the lightsaber in a new box). It took about 5 weeks. Thanks for your help!
January 3, 2001:
Amazon.com has the Interactive Yoda on sale for $9.98. This is a great bargain. I'd get one myself if I didn't already have three of them. Click here to be taken directly to the product.
October 27, 2000:
I finally added a page on the defective eyes.
June 21, 2000:
I received an Interactive Yoda today. They are being released.
June 14, 2000:
I officially dub today "Interactive Yoda day". In other news, some Interactive Yoda toy is RELEASED now. See News for more information.
June 13, 2000:
Interactive Yoda to be at FAO TOMORROW MORNING. See News for the full story.
Later June 12, 2000:
Looks like more delays may be on their way... Check out News for more information.
June 12, 2000:
Finished adding User's Guide. Added another image and gave history its own section. Added more to Articles
June 11, 2000:
Added countdown to top of every page.
June 10, 2000:
Added Interactive Yoda section.
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