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Articles on Yoda's creation (

Articles on Yoda's creation

Composite Identity of a Jedi Master - an interview with Yoda's puppeteers

Interview with Nick Maley, who helped work on the orignal Yoda puppets for Empire Strikes Back. This interview is exclusive to Mr. Maley talks about everything from how he was disappointed with the Episode I Yoda to his reaction seeing Empire Strikes Back in theaters.

Note: All of the following links will take you to the corresponding page at Nick Maley's CineSecrets. I highly recommend reading all of the articles, since they provide us with an insider's view on the creation of Yoda.

Making of Yoda:
Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Yoda, the Nogard's sacrifice, and the guy we nailed to the floor - a hilarious story about working in the Empire Strikes Back prop department

The New (Episode I) Yoda - Nick Maley describes what he knows about the Yoda that will be used in Episode I.

New Yoda Mechanism - Nick Maley describes how he thinks the Episode I Yoda puppet works, based on a leaked picture


Nick Maley's Cine-secrets

For an insider's view on the creation of Yoda.
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