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Yoda Fan Fiction (

Yoda Fan Fiction

Star Wars: Episode I A possible Episode I storyline.
Star Wars: Episode II A possible Episode II storyline.
Star Wars: Episode III A possible Episode III storyline.
Story Line for Episode I One of many Episode I storylines.
Possible Episode I Plots A script-like plot for Episode I.
New Odd Couple: Beeker and Yoda Beeker from Muppet Babies meets Yoda.
The Fall of the Republic: Star Wars Episode III A possible rough Episode 3 script.
Gnome is where the Swine is A Yoda and Miss Piggy Story.
Star War-ners A Story where Yoda trains the Animaniacs.
A Dark Lord's Recollection A story with the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin.
Yoda at McDonalds A play with Yoda going to McDonalds.
Wise Man Wipeout: Yoda vs. Moses Yoda takes on Moses in a great fight.
The New Kid at School An original story of Yoda going to school by YodaJeff.

If you want to use these stories on your page, please e-mail the writers for their permission.
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