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YodaJeff's Yoda Collection (

YodaJeff's Yoda Collection

This page was last updated on July 24, 1999

Kenner Yoda the Jedi Master board game - Canada version (1981)
T-shirt with Yoda's face and the word "YODA" going down the middle of his face
Hanes vertical "YODA" t-shirt
Liquid Blue tie-dye Empire Strikes Back Yoda shirt
Pepsi "Find Yoda - Win Cash" window clings (1999)
Burger Chef promotional poster drawn by Boris (1980)
Minnetonka Bubble Bath (1999)
Kenner Jedi Knight Figure Maker
Fresh Caps hat with Yoda's picture and the word "YODA"
Fresh Caps hat with image of half of Yoda's face
Three-D Arts holographic Yoda watch
"Read, you will!" promotional pin (1999)
"Revenge of the Jedi" patch (1982-1983)
Pizza Hut toy: Yoda's Jedi Destiny magic 8 ball (1999)
Minnetonka galactic glycercin [sic] soap (1999)
AMT/ERTL Encounter with Ydoa on Dagobah model kit
Return of the Jedi film frame of Yoda in his bed
JusToys Bend-Ums 12 back Yoda figure
Japanese unlicensed wind-up Yoda toy
West End Games Jedi Kit with Yoda
Pez carded
Pez red package
Pez green package
Pez blue package
Applause 14" plush Yoda (1999)
Milton Bradley Yoda shaped puzzle (1999)
T-shirt: "Fear is the path to the dark side..." (1999)
Changes stipple image t-shirt
Jedi Council on Coruscant t-shirt (1999)
Return of the Jedi video box cover t-shirt (1999)
Liquid Blue Episode I Jedi Council t-shirt (1999)
Applause Episode I Puppet (1999)
Pizza Hut cup topper (1999)
Hallmark keepsake ornament
Avon Jedi Knight card set (1998)
Avon gold-plated Placo keychain (1998)
Taco Bell mirror box (Yoda / Darth Vader) (1997)
Group of 3 stamps (1995 video box covers)
Milton Bradley Yoda on Luke's back puzzle
Space Fantasies (Mardi-Gras) fake silver coin
Space Fantasies (Mardi-Gras) fake gold coin
MicroMachines Dagobah playset
King Seeley Empire Strikes Back metal lunchbox
Canadian Burger King Empire Strikes Back glass with Yoda and Luke
Sleeping bag
Kenner Yoda buddies (plush beanie babies)
Mead folder (1997)
Topps Widevision mini-poster 6 of 6 Empire Strikes Back radio drama
Taco Bell / Applause Yoda toy (1997)
Applause 1.5" tall toy
Metallic Impressions Collectors Card Set
Yoda / Dagobah transforming playset
Cardboard Stand-up
Don Post mask (original)
Kenner Complete Galaxy with flying creature
1995 video box cover Chromart
Return of the Jedi 1995 video box cover poster
Pepsi Yoda poster (1997)
Illusive Concepts (Originals) three-d lifesized replica limited to 9995
Mead zipper pouch
Mead zipper binder
Photomosaics poster
Yoda and Obi-Wan two sided pillow cover
Rose Art stamper
Kenner Jedi Spirits three pack
2 different ATA-Boy magnets
Tiger Electronics Giga-Pet
Kenner Action Collection Yoda (from the 12 inch line)
Galoob mini-heads
Applause Yoda on Luke's back (around a foot tall)
Kenner Luke in Dagobah fatigues
Kenner Original line Yoda (opened with no accessories)
Ceramic statue
Topps chrome promo card "Welcome, young Luke."
Decipher Star Wars: CCG: Dagobah booster pack
Bradley Time Watch
Placo keychain (bronze)
Pewter figurine
Hallmark sticker package
Block of nine stamps (three of each of the 1995 video box covers)
Hollywood Pins pin of Yoda on rocks
Day Runner magnetic calendar / dry erase board combo
Empire Strikes Back two-sided pillow case (Yoda / Chewbacca)
Scholastic Empire Strikes Back large-sized book
"The Wisdom of Yoda" poster
Scholastic Jedi Apprentice 1: The Rising Force
Scholastic Yoda cardboard punch-out bookmark
Ralph Marlin tie of the 1995 video box cover
Ralph Marlin tie of Yoda on Luke's back in a stamp
Empire Strikes Back manga comic with Yoda on the cover
Great Scott! 1995 video box cover hang-up
Yoda's activity book (1980)
Tsundo Sanda poster of Yoda with lightning bolts coming out of his fingers
Episode I Lucas Books display "Read, you will!" which is able to hold some of the children's activity books
Golden Books Training of a Jedi Knight
American Libraries Association "Read and the Force is with you" poster
Dram Tree stein limited to 3000
Kenner flashback figure
Kenner green backed hologram figure
Kenner red backed no hologram figure
Three large Yoda postcards (8.5" x 11")
Three small Yoda postcards (regular postcard sized)
Starlog magazine #40
People magazine June 9, 1980
Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine #119
Cracked magazine #336 August 1999
Star Wars Galaxy magazine #5
Game Pro magazine #129 collectors cover 1 of 2
MAD magazine Summer 1999
Sci-Fi Starlog People magazine Movie Series #6 Volume #1
Starlog presents Sci-Fi Teen magazine #6
Nickelodeon Magazine March 1997
LA Times calendar section (May 1999)
Topps Widevision empty card package
I Need Help! by Vic Lee: Luke Stywalker Cartoon
GTI Telecom $5 phone card
Various Yoda cards (CCG, Original Empire Strikes Back, Original Return of the Jedi, etc.)

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