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Frequently Asked Questions (

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to purchase _________ from you, how much does it cost?
Sorry, but I don't sell any Yoda items. Those listed as being in my collection are just that, items in my personal collection. Those listed in the Ultimate Yoda Collectors Guide are just items that I have pictures of or that I know of being produced. Unfortunately, I don't even have everything listed there.

Then where can I buy Yoda items?
There are many places to buy Star Wars items online. Check out or one of many other online toy sellers and online auction hosts.

If Qui-Gon Jinn trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, then why did Yoda say (or why do your biographies say) that Yoda trained Obi-Wan?
According to Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force (book by Dave Wolverton), Yoda trained Obi-Wan at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant before he became Qui-Gon's Padawan. The book goes into much more detail, and is the first in the Jedi Apprentice series. Also, in Attack of the Clones, you can see Yoda training a group of Younglings. It looks like Yoda trains all of the young Jedi initiates until they are a certain age, then they become a full-fledged Padawan.

Where did you get your website?
Check out Host Review if you want to compare domain hosting services.
You can get free, unlimited space Star Wars fan pages from EchoStation by clicking on the appropriate link at the side of the page.

Can I use picture(s) number __ on my page?
Sure, feel free to use any of my pictures except my background. However, you must download the pictures onto your own computer, then upload them onto your page. Do not directly link to any of my pictures, sound clips, or video clips.

What is Yoda's species?
Unknown. That may seem like a dumb answer, but it's true. Yoda's species isn't named in any of the official books or in the movies.

Who is that pink-skinned guy with the pointy ears that we see at the end of Episode I?
That creature is Even Piell. Even is a member of the Jedi Council, but you can't see him in the council scenes. Even isn't the same species as Yoda.

Then who is Yaddle?
Yaddle is a green-skinned member of the Jedi Council. She is the same species as Yoda, but is only 477 years old in Episode I. She isn't seen in the movie, except for being in the background during some of the council scenes.

Where can I find a banner to link to you?
On my Linking to YodaJeff page. Please download them to your computer than upload them onto your page so it will keep my page running as fast as possible.

Can you link to my page?
Sure, I'd be glad to link to you, as long as you link back to me.

Can you help me find information on Yaddle?
Sure, you can find some right on my Yaddle page.

Can I have your autograph?
Sure, get a $1,000 check or money order (along with the item you want signed) ready in a box and then e-mail me for my shipping address. In fact, I will ship the item back to you for free!

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