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1995-present individually-carded action figures
69586 Yoda With Jedi Trainer Backpack and Gimer Stick
orange 1996-02
c1 green holo 1997-07
69672 Yoda With Jedi Trainer Backpack and Gimer Stick
c_ green holo 1997-05
Yoda with hair
c_ green flashback 1998

1995-present boxed figure sets (includes Complete Galaxy)
69829 Complete Galaxy Dagobah and Yoda 1998-06
Jedi Spirits 3 Pack (Anakin, Yoda, Obi-Wan) 1996

1995-present Action Collection Figures
27743 Yoda 1998-02

1995-present Buddies
66933 Yoda 1998-07

Vehicles, other toys, games
22186 Jedi Kit Figure Maker [Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Luke with lightsaber pointing down] 1997-06

classic 1978-1985 action figures
38310 Yoda [short, green face; removable tan cloth robe; plastic cane, belt, and orange snake] Empire Striikes Back only
38310 Yoda the Jedi Master [same; brown snake] Return of the Jedi, Tri-Logo, Power of the Force (original)

Books and coloring books
19090 [Yoda] coloring book

Power of the Force (original line) coins
Yoda: (Star Wars Logo) Description: A small creature who dwells on the bog planet of DAGOBAH. The former teacher of BEN KENOBI, YODA has trained JEDI KNIGHTS for over 800 years.

other toys and games
24540 Play-Doh Yoda Playset
24542 Play-Doh Yoda Playset Canada
38820 Dagobah Action Playset [lever-activated actions] 1980
39190 Mini-action Figure Collector's Case [Yoda UR, ESB logo UL; gray interior] 1980
39190 Mini-action Figure Collector's Case [Yoda UL, ESB logo center; orange interior] late 1982
41010 Yoda the Jedi Master Game 1980
69370 Yoda the Jedi Master [fortune-telling figurine]
69390 Yoda Hand Puppet

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