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References to Yoda in Movies (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

References to Yoda in Movies

Raising Arizona
When Nathan Arizona is asked what his son's pajamas looked like when he was kidnapped, he becomes upset and says, "I don't know, they were jammies. They had Yodas and sh*t on 'em!"

Spawn is being told by his mentor how to use his hellish suit of armor. The guy goes into this long, philisophical spleel about how Spawn must learn to control his armor, so it moves at his will, and how he can only do this by concentrating and through focas. Spawn responds, "Alright Yoda, just hold on a second."

Happy Gilmore
The closing scene when Happy sees the ghosts of Carl Weathers, the Aligator, and Abraham Lincoln is similar to the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke sees the ghosts of Yoda, Ben, and Anakin.

The Hard Way
"You're the best. You are the Yoda among the cops. You know, the one with the large green ears from Star Wars."

Chasing Amy
Hooper speaks at a comic book covention, claiming that the Star Wars trilogy is a white power statement. Later, Silent Bob recites a little of Yoda's wisdom, accompanied by a comment from Jay. Listen to Silent Bob recite some of Yoda's lines.

ET - The Extra Terrestial
Eric's brother mimics Yoda during Halloween. When E.T. sees Yoda the music which is played is Yoda's theme from ESB. When Elliot takes ET out trick or treating, ET spots a kid dressed up as Yoda. He immediately starts following the kid chanting "Home! Home! Home!"

Brad Pitt says "Just because f*cker's got a library card doesn't make him Yoda." (Star Wars Insider)

When Hercules goes looking for Phillotetes, he finds a small goat-man, who turns out to be him. This is kind of similar to the way Luke comes across Yoda. Since the Disney movie does not stay true to the real Greek legend it was based on, this may have been deliberate.

How to be a Player
"Man, he's like a pimp daddy Yoda."

Miss Congeniality
Sandra Bullock's character says "I will do whatever you want me to, Yoda."

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