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Temporarily Offline (

Temporarily Offline

On May 16th, Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones was released in theaters not just nation-wide, but practically world-wide. As many of you know, Yoda plays a big role in Attack of the Clones. His role is bigger than in the Empire Strikes Back. A lot of critics, even those who give the movie a poor review, are talking about Yoda, saying that he is "the unquestioned star of the film, whose 20 or so minutes of screen time may or may not save the universe, but can't quite save the movie." (Newsday).

With even the negative reviewers saying that Yoda is by far the best thing in the movie, then it is very apparent that Yoda will become a very popular character. Prior to this new movie, he already was popular, but after seeing the movie, I'm sure you can agree that he will become extremely popular.

What does this have to do with, and sections being temporarily offline? Every time someone visits a page at, it uses up a little bit of my bandwidth limits for the month. Certain things, such as multimedia files, drastically eat away at the limits. The larger a file is, the more bandwidth it uses up when someone downloads it. In April, I came closer to my bandwidth limit than ever before in the history of In the past week, almost every day set a new record for visitors to Earlier in the year, I was lucky to get 400 visitors on a good day, and one day alone this week, I had over 5,500. If I were to exceed my bandwidth, my site would be unaccessable. Right now, my first priority is keeping at least parts of the site alive and kicking. To help keep the bandwidth down at a regular level, I am forced (no pun intended) to shut down the majority of the sections of my website. I closed down the sound and video clip sections around a month ago, and a couple of weeks ago, I got rid of my thumbnailed images section. Last week, I removed all of my Yoda images. Apparently, this hasn't been enough.

When will everything return? As soon as possible. It depends on a lot of various factors. The majority of the non-multimedia sections will return June 1, 2002. For the rest of the sections, I'm currently thinking that it won't be until June or July at the earliest. If there is a circumstance that you really need a picture (for a report, presentation, etc.), let me know, and I'll try my hardest to get you what you are looking for. The only two sections that will remain open are my Attack of the Clones section (with over 100 Episode 2 Yoda-related images) and my main page with all of the recent Yoda news.

Homepage Accesses Overall Accesses
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The first graph above shows the number of homepage accesses I have had, starting with when I moved my website to in July 1999. This counts the number of times people have accessed my main page (the page with all the news and everything on it). The second graph, which has a more dramatic increase, shows the number of total accesses. Every time someone looks at a picture, views a page, or does anything at, that counts as an access.

May 13, 2002
Updated: May 20, 2002

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