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Warnings about the Episode I Hasbro Yoda toy

Posted: October 10, 1999
Category: Collectibles

TheForce.Net has this to say:
Just wanted to pass along along a bit of a warning to all you collectors (and you know who you are) Canadian Yoda's are coming on a card bearing the Episode I wording. I would advise you all not to be hasty in your efforts to obtain one. This is not an American version, it is multi-lingual signifying Canadian origin. People will try to dupe you into believing that it is a "Rare" corrected version. Let me re-emphasize that it is NOT. So scalpers beware, we are on to you.
Thanks to TheForce.Net for this news. Visit their site for some of hte best Star Wars news around.
CORRECTION: Since this was originally posted, the US version of the Episode I Yoda toy now has been corrected saying "Episode I" correctly on the front.

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