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Frank Oz: A Hero in Many Books

Posted: October 31, 1999
Category: People

The following comes from TheForce.Net: visit their page for up-to-date Star Wars news.
The following was said at the Sci-Fi Expo by Silas Carson and Jerome Blake. From many of the stories they told, it was obvious that Frank Oz was admired and liked by the crew.
Silas Carson told us that many years ago, his grandmother was ill and becoming more and more unresponsive to the world. Silas said that one of the few things that seemed to brighten her up was the Muppet Show. They didn't know what it was about it, but she responded to the show when it was on. Silas said he would watch it with his grandmother, and it was one of the few ways he was able to connect with her. Silas got the opportunity to thank Frank Oz for that on the set of Episode I, and he said that Oz seemed genuinely touched.
Silas also told us another story. Kathy Smee played Yoda's right hand in Episode I. Apparently, as a child, she LOVED Miss Piggy. There was a game show in the UK where you'd send in a dream you'd like to come true, and the! host would grant the wishes. Kathy apparently wrote the show over and over and over asking to meet Miss Piggy. They never responded. Years later, after becoming a puppeteer, she gets a call out of the blue from Frank Oz. He had heard about her and asked if she'd help him work with a character she'd probably never heard of before. A guy named Yoda. As you can imagine, she was extremely happy, and she finally got to meet Miss Piggy. :)
Jerome Blake or Silas (I can't remember which) told us one day after filming, he was leaving the set walking behind George Lucas and Frank Oz. He listens in as George leans over to Frank and says, "You know, Frank, your accent slipped a little bit there. You had a cross between Miss Piggy and Kermit going." This, of course, made everyone laugh. :)
Finally, Jerome Blake told us a story from the Jedi Council set. One day on a break he sat across from Samuel L. Jackson. Sam was sitting there reading a book. Quietly, he closes the book, puts it in his lap, takes off his glasses, and puts them in his lap, too. He then puts his face in his hands and leans over quietly. Jerome asks, "Sam, are you feeling OK?" Jackson replies (from his hands), "I can't believe I'm here on the set of Star Wars and I'm acting with Yoda!" I think he expressed the sentiments of everyone on the set. :)
Anyway, Blake and Carson had a ton of funny stories, so if you every have the chance to see them, go for it. You'll be glad you did.
This originally appeared on TheForce.Net. View the original story from them here.
Let me (YodaJeff) add that Frank Oz also has influenced many children (and adults) with his work with the Muppets, Sesame Street, Star Wars, and his various other movies.

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