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Images of the Episode II Yoda action figure

Posted: February 9, 2002
Category: Collectibles

Below, you will find links to images of the Episode II Yoda action figure. These images are from Toy Fair 2002. I think that this is one of the best Yoda sculpts we've seen. The only problem is that it doesn't seem like it will be much fun to play with. Hasbro is continuing the tradition of having his legs molded together. Also, it doesn look like he will be able to bend at the waist. This figure seems to be geared towards adult collectors more than children. I have a feeling that we will see more than one Yoda figure, simply because (highlight for spoilers)this Yoda figure doesn't look like it comes with a lightsaber(end of possible spoilers). I also think that his cane/gimer stick is a little too long compared to previous versions. Oh well, here are the pics:

NOTE: The Yoda pictures below do not contain spoilers. If you visit one of the other sites for more pictures, the other pictures may contain spoilers.
Yoda (courtesy of TheForce.Net)
Yoda (courtesy of
Yoda (courtesy of
Yoda (courtesy of
Yoda (courtesy of
Yoda (courtesy of
TheForce.Net,,, and all have more pictures from the Toy Fair. Visit their sites to view the rest of the Star Wars toys that were on display.

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