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More Episode 2 Yoda pictures and collectibles

Posted: April 13, 2002
Category: Attack of the Clones

I just added some more pictures and collectibles to my Attack of the Clones: Yoda Pictures and Collectibles section for those of you who don't mind spoilers. There are now 70 Episode 2 - Yoda related pictures in the gallery.

Here are the new collectibles for those of you who are trying to avoid spoilers:

Curad is releasing some Star Wars bandages. Yoda will appear on one of the boxes. Available: April 23, 2002.

There will be some Star Wars boys socks released. Yoda will be appearing on one of the pairs. Available: April 23, 2002

Select boxes of General Mills cereals will have Star Wars keyring clips in them. Yoda is one of the characters that will be inside.

Hallmark will be releasing some new greeting cards for Episode II. This one is for a Husband, and it features Yoda with the text "Husband Your birthday it is! Lucky you are! Thrilled you must feel!"

This Hallmark card is blank on the inside, and will be able to be used for any purpose.

Betty Crocker is releasing Star Wars Jedi Fruit Rolls. Yoda will appear on some of the individual pouches. Available: April 23, 2002.

This Episode II Yoda postcard is only available in Singapore. They are releasing one every week or so to promote the new movie.

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