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Attack of the Clones section updated

Posted: April 14, 2002

I updated my Attack of the Clones Yoda pictures and collectibles section again. There are now 76 pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

New collectibles for the non-spoiled:

This is the Yoda Star Pic that can be found in different Frito-Lay packages. It comes in yellow, blue, green, and red. If you shine light through the back, apparently they go from looking lame to looking like a 3D image of the character in question. They supposedly look a lot better in person.

This Episode II Goody Bag features Yoda on the packaging. It contains an Activity Card, Sticker, Party Favor, and candy. The packaging is bi-lingual (English and French), but this specific one was found in Texas, so it looks like these will be found all across the US and Canada.

This 2003 calendar is made by Cedco Daily. It is full color. I think that the calendar starts with May 2002.

The Attack of the Clones - Big Sticker Book features a re-usable Yoda sticker, along with a picture of Yoda on the cover.

The June 2002 Sci-Fi magazine features a giant image of Yoda behind Padme and Anakin.

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