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Yoda on the cover of Time

Posted: April 21, 2002
Category: Collectibles

(click for larger image)

He may not be the man of the year, but Yoda still gets to appear on the cover of the latest Time magazine, which hits newsstands today. It includes the title "Yoda Strikes Back!", with a subtitle of "An exclusive guide to the new STAR WARS movie, Episode II: Attack of the Clones".

Here is a collection of Star Wars articles at Time.

Yesterday, Time's website updated with an article on Star Wars, which can be found here (beware of possible spoilers). Here is an excerpt about Yoda from the article:

Yoda might also catch some criticism here, since he is no longer the endearing puppet manipulated by Frank Oz. Now he is fully computer-animated. But thanks to ILM animation supervisor Rob Coleman and his staff, Yoda is both more supple and more thoughtful than his earlier self, as when he flicks a skeptical glance at a remark by Senator Palpatine. And who would have thought our sedentary sage (highlight for spoilers) was such a deft martial artist, with lightsaber maneuvers as quick as his speech is circuitous? A Gandhi turned Rambo, (end of spoilers) Yoda is the real action hero of the film

This is definitely a magazine to add to your Yoda collection.



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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