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Posted: April 30, 2002

In the past week, has passed a third of a million visitors. I can remember getting excited when I passed one thousand visitors. Speaking of getting excited, this next month will be a big one. Attack of the Clones hits theaters in a couple of weeks, and it will definately generate an increase in traffic to The past couple of months, I have came close to my monthly bandwidth limit. Therefore, I have temporarily closed the Sound Clips, Movie Clips, and Thumbnailed images section. If I have to, I will close the entire images section, and just live off of the "Attack of the Clones" section, along with the recent news. I want to be available at all times. I have no idea how much new traffic will come to my site, but I know it will be a lot (especially considering Yoda's major role in Attack of the Clones). Back in 1999 when The Phantom Menace was released, YodaJeff's Yoda Page had not yet moved to the domain name, and I didn't have good statistical software available. The sections that are Temporarily Offline will be brought back gradually as the traffic levels off again. Expect them to start reappearing in June or July.

The next month is going to be very exciting. I am getting ready to head to Star Wars Celebration 2 in Indianapolis, and I hope to meet a lot of fans while there. When I return, I will be too excited to get anything else accomplished before May 16th. The next month will be great, and you can count on to be there every step of the way.

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